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How to activate Lync Evaluation to Licensed Version

Have Lync 2010 Standard, Enterprise or Lync 2013 in evaluation mode and want to activate it with your licensed version? Here are the steps to do it!

  1. Download the Lync Server version from the Microsoft Licensing portal (or where ever else you obtain your licensed software).
  2. Extract the ISO to a folder/burn it to a disk and pop it into the Lync server.
  3. Open up the Lync Server Management Shell as an Administrator
    1. Start->All Programs->Microsoft Lync Server 2010 (or 2013)->Lync Server Management Shell
  4. Navigate to the installation media
  5. Execute the following command
    1. msiexec.exe /fvomus server.msi EVALTOFULL=1 /qb
  6. Use the following command to update the services
    1. Enable-CsComputer
  7. Use the following command to verify your copy of Lync is now licensed
    1. Get-CsServerVersion