SPF Generator
SPF Records were introduced to help fight spam emails originating from servers that are not authoritative to the domain owner. A SPF record is a TXT record that contains a value in a specific format to determine which servers should originate sent emails. This generator follows the standards as outlined in RFC 7208.

Enter your domain name:
Should all servers listed in your MX records be able to send emails? mx
Should the IP address of your webserver be abllowed to send email for your domain? a
Should all servers ending in your domain name be able to send emails? ptr
How should people receiving your email handle your emails?

Reject (-all) - Reject them as non-compliant.
Softfail (~all) - Accept the email, but mark it non-compliant and treat the message as if I didn't publish a SPF rule.
Neutral (?all) - Accept all emails regardless if they follow my SPF record rules.

Copy this result into a TXT record for the root of your domain name: