System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager - Error - Event ID 4912 - component SMS_SITE_COMPONENT_MANAGER on computer X cannot update the already existing object

Symptom: Inside of Event Viewer, you see the following Error entry.

On 06/27/14 07:29:39, component SMS_SITE_COMPONENT_MANAGER on computer sccm.mydomain.local reported: Configuration Manager cannot update the already existing object "cn=SMS-MP-LAX-sccm.mydomain.LOCAL" in Active Directory (mydomain.local).

Possible cause: The site server's machine account may not have full control rights for the "System Management" container in Active Directory
Solution: Give the site server's machine account full control rights to the "System Management" container, and all child objects in Active Directory.

Possible cause: The Active Directory object "cn=SMS-MP-LAX-sccm.mydomain.LOCAL" has been moved to a location outside of the "System Management" container, or has been lost.
Solution: Delete the object from its current location, and let the site create a new object.

Possible cause: The Active Directory schema has not been extended with the correct ConfigMgr Active Directory classes and attributes.
Solution: Turn off Active Directory publishing for each site in the forest, until the schema can be extended. The schema can be extended with the tool "extadsch.exe" from the installation media.

Event Viewer - Event ID 4912 - SMS Server - Error

Solution: Complete the steps below to ensure that the SCCM computer account has the ability to write to Active Directory.

  1. Add Permission to the System Management Container
    1. From the following technet article: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb633169.aspx
      After you have created the System Management container in Active Directory Domain Services, you must grant the site server’s computer account the permissions that are required to publish site information to the container.

      1. On your domain controller navigate to Server Manager -> Tools -> Active Directory Users and Computers
        Server Manager - Active Directory Users and Computers
      2. Click View and select Advanced Features
        Active Directory Users and Computers - View - Advanced Features
      3. Expand your site, SystemSystem Management and select Properties
        Active Directory Users and Computers - System - System Management - Properties
      4. On the System Management Properties dialog box select the Security Tab
        System Management Properties - General Tab
      5. Click Add.. on the Security Tab
        System Management Properties - Security Tab - Add
      6. Click the Object Types… button, check Computers, and click OK
        Select Active Directory Object - Object Types
      7. Type in the computer’s name and click OK
        Select Active Directory Object - SCCM
      8. Check Full Control on the Security Permissions for your SCCM machine
        System Management Properties - Security Tab - Full Control - SCCM
      9. Click the Advanced button, select the computer account, and click Edit
        Advanced Security Settings for System Management - SCCM
      10. Select This object and all descendant objects in the Applies to section and click OK
        Permission Entry for System Management - Advanced - SCCM
      11. Restart the SMS_SITE_COMPONENT_MANAGER and service