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Export a list of numbers used in Lync Server 2013

Today I was curious how many numbers we have used up on our DID block and wanted to pull a report specifying which numbers were allocated to which user, conference room, etc.  After a quick Google search, I came accross a powershell script by Lasse Nordvik Wedø.  Attached below is a copy of his powershell script with a few modifications by me to pull a couple of extra attributes about the user from Active Directory.  Please make sure to drop him a comment on his blog, located here: http://tech.rundtomrundt.com/2012/04/listing-all-deployed-numbers-in-lync.html

The following list of numbers will be generated to a .htm web report:

  • Users enabled in Lync without a number assigned
  • Users with a number assigned to them
  • Users with a private line
  • Analog devices
  • Common Area Phone Numbers
  • Response Group Numbers
  • Meeting (dialin) numbers
  • Meeting Room Objects
  • Exchange Objects
  • Application endpoints with a LineURI

The script can be downloaded here (make sure to remove the .txt extension once you have downloaded it): Assigned_numbers.ps1

Here is an image of executing the powershell script:
Assigned Numbers

Here is an image of the result (webpage):
Assigned Numbers Webpage

Here is an image of what the htm file looks like when you open it up:
Assigned Numbers Results

Additionally, if you are looking for a complete resource of different attributes you can pull from the Get-ADUser command, see the following technet article: http://social.technet.microsoft.com/wiki/contents/articles/12037.active-directory-get-aduser-default-and-extended-properties.aspx