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Ford Explorer Sport 2013 - Keyless Entry Code

Recently, I purchased a Ford Explorer and for whatever reason the keyless entry code was not bundled with the owner's manual nor is it listed when you type the VIN number into Ford's website and browse the vehicle's installed accessories.

Luckily, rather than bringing the vehicle back into the dealership, there is a way to lookup the default entry code.  On the fuse box, the car has a label with a 5 digit code (sometimes followed by a single letter).

Next question is, where is the fuse box?  Interestingly, there are two on the explorer.  The first one is under the hood, on the right side inside of a "black box".  The second one is in the typical spot underneath the steering wheel on the driver side (if anyone has an explorer in Europe and it has the steering wheel on the right side of the car, you should let me know if the fuse box is on the side with the steering wheel or still on the left side by what would be the passenger :P).  Oddly enough, at a quick glance I couldn't find the fuse box as it was hidden by a piece of plastic.  Luckily, if you can grab a flashlight and stick your head underneath the steering wheel far enough, you should be able to see the sticker, otherwise you will have the pull the hex screw off and remove the plastic guard.

For whatever reason, this isn't inside the owners manual, so hopefully this helps someone else with their explorer 🙂