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Lync call - error ID 52063 (source ID 242)

Symptom: You receive the following error when trying to place a Lync call to someone.

Call was not completed or has ended.

When contacting your support team, reference error ID 52063 (source ID 242).

Troubleshooting information is available online, including best practices for using Lync.

Lync error ID 52063 source ID 242

Solution: This turned out to be an issue where the call was unable to be completed due to the following issues.

  1. The Lync client was unresponsive/could not answer an audio call
  2. The Lync user was not configured for the call to be transferred to voicemail

Please make sure that the Lync client can successfully answer calls or that the user has voicemail configured in the event the Lync client cannot answer a call.