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Azure - Error Number: 18456 Error Code: -2146232060 Message: Login failed for user 'yourusername'

Symptom: When trying o provision a new website or database, you receive the following error message:

Error Number: 18456 Error Code: -2146232060 Message: Login failed for user 'yourusername'
Error Number 18456 Error Code -2146232060 Message Login failed for user yourusername

Solution: The username or password you specified for your database is incorrect; you should be using the credentials your provided when you provisioned your existing SQL server, not what you would like as a virtual user to provision with the new database.


Since it is early this AM, I rushed through the portal thinking, oh since I am creating a new database, the portal will prompt me to create a new virtual account; this is not intended functionality. In the screenshot below you can see we select "Create a new SQL database"

Create Website - Create a new SQL database

In this scenario, I actually wish to use an existing database server I have already provisioned.  When using an existing database, you will need to provide the credentials to the server itself so the new database can be provisioned.  If you wish to add a separate user account that only has access to this database for a specific application, which is a recommended practice for security, you will need to use SQL Manager, Visual Studio, or another utility to connect to the database and provision a new virtual user account with privileges to this particular database.

New Website - Custom Create - Specify database settings - existing server