Error 8224 when deploying Lync

If you are receiving an error on Step 1 when deploying Lync:
Upload C:\Program Files\Microsoft Lync Server 2010\Deployment\Setup\BackCompatSchema.ldf fails. The exit code is "8224".

Here are a few things to try/verify:
1. Make sure your DCs are running
2. Make sure your computer is joined to the domain
3. Make sure your account is part of the Enterprise Admins and Schema Admins groups.
4. Right click, Run as other user, and type in your credentials to the account you have added yourself to the groups above.

Right click, running the Configuration Wizard seemed to solve the problem for me. Not sure why it doesn't work just logged in as the user, but what the hey, the installer ran successfully and extended the schema.

2 thoughts on “Error 8224 when deploying Lync

  1. Robert Parmele

    Just got off a Microsoft Support Call, I had this same error but for Lync 2013 and it was due to the Primary Domain Controller having memory resource issues. We also have Exchange 2010 running on it (not best practice and working on correcting) which was using up the resources.

    MS Support - restarted DC, stopped a third party service that tied in with exchanged, and recycled all IIS exchange app pools.



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